The Making of Collection #1

The Making of Collection #1

This collection of wall quilts has been such a labor of love and learning! I knew exactly what I wanted the collection to look like - simple, modern, and unique. But planning those steps along the way was a whole new thing for me. I was able to draft up what I wanted the quilts to look like in a matter of days, but figuring out the how of making this collection taught me so much.

I wanted to challenge myself to come up with unique designs that felt like me. As a manicurist for 10 years, I was always drawn to simple graphic nail art designs. For this collection, I was drawn to this same inspiration. Each of these designs are seemingly simple and very graphic. 

After sketching up my designs, I went to the fabric store to pick out my color palette. I love using Kona Cotton - their color variety is amazing! For my first go around I went with a cool color palette. It was important to me to pick out fun colors that still felt "neutral", so that this collection could work for those who want color or for those that didn't! Luckily I love the planning phase - so drafting up these patterns and doing the math was so interesting! I found that drawing them on a grid to scale and then going in and adding in seam allowances was my preferred method. 

Once I had everything ready to go, I started sewing. It has been amazing seeing these begin from sketches into physical products. I tried to document the process and share on my instagram. After the initial designs were completed, I did them again in a new color palette - something warm and neutral. I'm not sure if I will remake these or keep them as a one of a kind collection, but I love the size and simplicity of these! I kept my first one and it's hanging up in my hallway - I think it looks great. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have!

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